Opening An Account

Getting Started

Establishing an Account

To establish an account with Ixthus Medical Supply you must complete a W9 form and complete the paperwork for the payment option that best suits your company.  In addition, your NPI number must be provided during registration.

You can access the different payment options below the "New Customers" link.  Print, sign and fax the completed forms to: 262-878-9009 and a representative will contact you when the registration process is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to view pricing until your paperwork is received, processed and your account is activated.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the forms.  If you have any questions select "Contact Us" on our information menu and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.
Ixthus Medical Supply is a wholesaler selling to Pharmacies, and DME providers, we do not sell directly to the public.

Payment Options:

Choose the option that works best for your Pharmacy, complete the appropriate form linked below and fax a copy to 262-878-9009.


The fastest way to set up an account, this convenient option accumulates Double Reward Points.  Once set up, our accounting department automatically debits your bank account when you place orders. 

Access the ACH Authorization Form by selecting the link above and fax a copy to 262-878-9009.

Check by Fax

Save time, a stamp and an envelope by faxing in a check the day you place your order.  This convenient option earns Double Reward Points.  Select a One Time Authorization or keep the Authorization open for future orders.  Your check must be received before your order will be authorized to ship.

Access the Check by Fax Authorization form by selecting the link above and fax a copy to 262-878-9009.

Customer Terms - Net 15

Click the link above to access our Credit Agreement.  Due to the low margins Ixthus Medical operates under we only extend Net 15 terms. 

PLEASE NOTE: The speed of processing your application depends on how quickly your bank responds to our inquiry and the cooperation of your trade references.  Listing trade references other than your Drug wholesaler will expidite the process as Drug Wholesalers typically do not respond to reference requests.  Complete contact information for your Bank is required.
Once completed, sign and fax the forms to 262-878-9009.  A representative will contact you directly when the registration process is complete.