About Ixthus Medical Supply

How It All Started

Originally founded as a general merchandise wholesaler in 1968, Ixthus Medical has grown into a service oriented medical supplier owned and operated in Union Grove, Wisconsin.  Our focus is to provide solutions to the challenges independent pharmacies face on a daily basis.  We provide what it seems other wholesalers have long forgotten; good judgment, personal assistance, and the ethical dependability to assist in today's rapidly changing environment.  In short, we supply consistent, competitive pricing, delivered with integrity.

What About the Name?

Ixthus Medical is a Christian based company with a desire to bring glory to Christ.  IXTHUS is the Greek word for "fish.”  As Christian persecution became common throughout the Roman Empire, the fish symbol became a "password” used to mark meeting places, gravestones, and the homes of believers.  The simple symbol of the fish was made of two intersecting arcs, the ends extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish.   When a Christian met a stranger on the road, they sometimes drew one arc of the fish outline in the dirt. If the stranger drew the other arc, both knew they were in good company.

Likewise, customers of Ixthus Medical know they are in good company today.  Read as an acrostic (a word formed from the first letter of several words), Ixthus compiles to "Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior.” Our desire is to model His "Golden Rule” (do for others what you would like them to do for you) and our commitment to everyone doing business with Ixthus Medical Supply.

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